• Organic fruit & nut bar made with the delicious dried banana with dates, hazelnuts, and cacao nibs.
  • Organic Banabar Cacao & Hazelnut - 10 x 40g
  • Organic Banabar Cacao & Hazelnut - 10 x 40g

Organic Banabar Cacao & Hazelnut - 10 x 40g

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10 x 40g Banabar Cacao & Hazelnut

A delicious organic energy bar with a nutty crunch.  entirely natural and organic. Our main ingredient is the delicious dried banana, but we add tasty extras like hazelnuts, dates and cacao nibs. Every bar is 100% plant-based, with no added sugar.

Banabar is perfect for those cravings in between meals or for a quick snack on the go. And with the natural energy, it contains, it ́s great before or after sport. With natural goodness, it comes a genuinely balanced, nutritional snack. Each 40g bar contains the same sugar content (15g) as one regular-sized banana, as well as a healthy balance of protein (2.8g), fiber (3g) and fat (7g).

In creating Banabar, we’re committed to making a positive impact. As well as our organic ingredients, we also give 1% of our revenue to help support the banana farming communities we work with.



NL/BE Cacao & Hazelnoot  Bar. Ingrediënten:  Gedroogde Banaan* (50%), HAZELNOTEN* (22%), Dadels*, Cacao Nibs* (8%). *= Van gecotrolleerde biologische landbouw. Allergenen: zie vetgedrukte ingrediënten. Kan sporen bevatten van andere noten, sesamzaad, melk, soja en glutenbevattende granen. Kan kleine stukjes notenschelp en dadel pit bevatten. Bewaren op een koele, donkere plaats. GB Cacao & Hazelnut Banana Bar. Ingredients: Dried Banana* (50%), HAZELNUTS* (22%), Dates*, Cacao Nibs* (8%). *= Organic certified. Allergens: see ingredients in bold. May also contain other nuts, sesame seeds, milk, soy and cereals containing gluten. May contain small pieces of shell or date pit. Store in a  place.  DE Kakao & Haselnuss Bananenriegel. Zutaten: Getrocknete Banane* (50%), HASELNÜSSE* (22%), Datteln*, Kakao Nibs* (8%). *= Aus zertifiziert biologischem Anbau. Allergene: Siehe fettgedruckte Zutaten. Kann auch Nüsse, Sesamsamen, Milch, Soja und Glutenhaltiges Getreide enthalten. Kann kleine Stücke von Nussschalen oder von Dattelkerne enthalten. An einem kühlen, dunklen Ort lagern. FR Barre banane aux Cacao & Noisettes. Ingrédients: Banane Séchée* (50%), NOISETTES* (22%), Dattes*, Grué de Cacao Cru* (8%). *= Issue de l´agriculture biologique. Allergènes: voir les ingrédients en gras. Peut également contenir des fruits à coque, graines de sésame, lait, soja et céréales contenant du gluten. Peut contenir de petits morceaux de coquille ou de noyau de datte. A conserver dans un endroit frais à l´abri de la lumière. DK Hasselnød & Kakao-Bananbar. Ingredienser: Tørret Banan* (50%), HASSELNØDDER* (22%), Datler*, Kakao Nibs* (8%). *= Organisk certificeret. Allergener: se ingredienser med fed skrift. Kan også indeholde  spor af andre nødder, sesamfrø, mælk, soja og kornprodukten kan indeholde gluten. Kan indeholde små stykker skall eller datlerkerner. Opbevares mørkt og køligt. IT Barretta alla Banana con Cacao e Nocciole. Ingredienti: Banana Secca* (50%), NOCCIOLE* (22%), Datteri*, Granella di Cacao Crudo* (8%). *= Da Agricoltura Biologica. Allergeni: vedi ingredienti in grassetto. Puo´ contenere altra frutta a guscio, semi di sesamo, latte, soia e cereali contenenti glutine. Puo´ contenere piccoli pezzi di guscio o seme di dattero. Conservare in luogo fresco al riparo dalla luce.



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*contains naturally occurring sugars