Our story


Banabar was founded by Marco Mega in 2018. Marco is a food technologist, food entrepreneur, and commercial photographer. Being tired of eating only date based snack bars, he started a research to find a better and tastier alternative. After several trials in his kitchen lab, he tried dried banana and fell in love. But while developing the new product, Marco discovered the big challenges of banana farming and started to investigate deeper into the problems. The negative impact of heavy use of pesticides on the environment and on the people, the poor social security and the low salaries of the workers, the low profit of the farmers, were all reasons that pushed Marco to take action.

In December 2018, Banabar was selected to be part of the Lidl FutureGoods week in The Netherlands, and since then, it has been a quite challenging time to organize the first handmade production in the UK. 

We have launched the first two bars in June 2019. Our mission is to bring healthy, yet indulgent snacks to people while creating a positive social and environmental impact. 

We are working on bringing more exciting flavors and products to you. Join our plant food expedition. You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram