The Story


Banabar was founded by Marco Mega in 2019. During his studies at Wageningen University he got tired of eating granola and date-based snack bars. As a food technologist Marco loves experimenting with new ingredients and textures in his kitchen lab. Surprise and innovation are his main drivers. After several lab trials, he tried dried banana and fell in love with it. As he developed the product, Marco discovered the big challenges of banana farming. The heavy use of pesticides in banana farming has a negative impact on the environment and on the people. The mainstream banana market provides very poor social security, low salaries to the workers, and the low profit to the farmers, these were enough reasons to push Marco to take action.


Shonali joined Marco as a creative strategist and designer and made a beautiful brand ready to go into the market. She has a great understanding of people and trends. Her touch makes everything more meaningful and beautiful. After a short phase of product development, Banabar was selected from 200 startups by Lidl Nederland for the FutureGoods week in June 2019, a week dedicated to innovative and sustainable products. During that week, 17.000 bars were sold in 420 stores in The Netherlands.  We are working on bringing more exciting products to you.  You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram