Running out of ideas on healthy snacking for kids this summer?

Our youngest customer is 1 year old. She loves to snack on Banabar everyday at school or when out and about in the playground. If you are the kind of parent trying to keep your kids away from chocolate and nutella then Banabar is the perfect snack. Kids don't just perceive it as a healthy snack, but as an indulgent treat. The dark and rich sensory experience of banabar resembles chocolate and loved by kids just as much as adults. Of course Banabar Cacao, as well as the Banabar Cacao and Hazelnut are top on our kids list. Banabar uses dried banana, dates and nuts which are all rich sources of potassium. 

A growing child requires 2-2.5 g of potassium. Potassium is a  micronutrient that helps regulate fluids and easily lost while sweating. The combination of simple organic ingredients with no added sugar makes for a tasty and convenient health snack for kids. 

A potassium rich healthy treat a.k.a Banabar could be just right for your child. 

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