Healthy? Got to be tasty!


  • "Not even 10 days and my box of 18 is down to 2 bars. They are so addictivly yummy 😋My stomach is super sensitive and theres alot of things I just cant eat. But Banabar is literally just 4 ingredients and no preservatives or wierd junk. Just ordered some more and hope they arrive soon!"
    - M. Seyer
  • I love them! Both flavours taste amazing. It's only made from natural and plant-based ingredients, perfect snack for a healthy lifestyle. It's a tasty and easy snack for on the go! I'm happy :)
    - K. Wessendorp
  • "Very tasty and healthy bars! They will definitely go with me on my next trip ... I think I will eat them fast because they are so good! Thank you"
    - P. Mira
  • "Very tasty bars! I really loved it! It really smells like banana. I love the fact that every product is natural. No weird things. Love that!"
    - C. Moerings
  • "The bars are really nice !! I have tried 2 different bars. Cacao & hazelnut + gojibessen & chia! Love them both"
    - L. Wassink
  • "I have tried different bars and none of them are tasty and good as Banabar! If you are looking for an healthy tasty snack (while studying, working, at gym, travelling...) then this is the bar you want to go for!! TOP"
    - A. Durante
  • "They are delicious, natural ingredients and gives you a great energy boost. The Cacao & Hazelnut is my favourite!"
    - K. Saarinen
  • "Delicious healthy bar. Nice as a snack for new energy. Easy to take with you in your bag. No additives, just a pure bar with a good taste!"
    - M. van Amelsfort
  • "I must say, really super tasty and filling!! It's a "soft" bar and there are two variants: Goji & Chia and Cacao & Hazelnut. Both clearly with a touch of banana flavour, but they also remind me of figs and dates. Definitely suitable as a responsible snack, and more new flavors are coming!!"
    - S. van der Spek

Do Good While Snacking

With Banabar, we´re committed to making a positive impact. So we have made sure Banabar is full of goodness, inside and out.

We use only organic ingredients, with 1% of our revenue supporting the banana farming communities in Ecuador we work with. 

Our mission

Let´s make banana 100% fair to the people and the environment.

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